Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our New Home!

We bought a new HOME!
This home literally fell in our laps and we are SO thankful and excited to make it ours, and raise our family here!!!  I have felt guilty the last couple of weeks, because we have been so blessed.  Probably sounds rediculous, but is true.  Our favorite things are: a HUGE yard, fruit trees, garden, swimming pool.  Lots of indoor/outdoor space!  Here are just a couple of pictures:
 The front
 The back porch and yard!  Our favorite part!
The kitchen

We look forward to a wonderful home we can make many memories in and have great family fun for many years to come!!!


Jenelle said...

That's so exciting Mo! And congrats on the new little one! I had no idea you were even pregnant! Hope you and your family are well! Love you!

The Farmers Daughter said...

That is a great house and im so excited for your big yard!love you lots and miss you tons! I wish we lived by each other :(